Lanzarote´s number 10, midfielder Keita is in his first season with UD Lanzarote and not only is he performing excellent on the pitch but he is also a dab hand at making these beautiful and incredibly yummy Brazilian delights.

Most of our players have second jobs to supplement their income and Keita has been offering these tasty little numbers for 50 cents each. They are a Brazilian speciality and are called Brigadeiro Brasileño and are available in 3 flavours, Coconut, nutella and chocolate. They are compact and rich and are an absolute delight on the taste buds.

Available in Coconut, nutella and chocolate.

If you are on the island and wish to order these and support Keita please comment or PM me and after placing the order (minimum 10 pieces at 5 Euros) two or possibly three days later he will deliver to our shop in Costa Teguise, CC Nautical Local 25, behind Café Bonjour (open Mon-Fri 10am -1pm) where you can collect them.

Keita delivering to our shop in Costa Teguise.

I am on my second batch and I chose to have a mixed box of flavours but you can order what you like. He has also left some samples and if you pop in the shop in the next day or two you can try them, though unfortunately my shop neighbours have already devoured about a third of the samples.

25 year old Keita is from Sao Paulo in Brazil and went to Spain a couple of seasons ago for trials. He met a representative of CF San Bartolomé and before he knew it, he was on a plane to an island that he had never heard of and like so many of us has fallen in love with this piece of rock off the North African coast.

He is one third of the Brazilian trio that play for us and lives at Sands Beach Resort in Costa Teguise. Unfortunately his wife is back in Brazil as she has not been able to return due to Covid.

Treat a friend and definitely treat yourself.