GOODBYE TO NINA, THE GODMOTHER OF U.D. LANZAROTE (24th September 1934 – 20th October 2020)

UD Lanzarote is in mourning over their loss of one of their most famous fans La Madrina (The Godmother) of the Rojillos Feliciana Gil Ferraz otherwise simply known to all of us as, Nina.

Nina had been ill for some time and passed away in the early hours of today at 86 years of age.

Nina was known to everyone as soon as they entered through that wooden door and into the stadium. Nina, her daughter Pilar and Grandson Jonathan have helped the club out organising the raffle for as many years as I can remember.

Nina with her daughter and Grandson working tirelessly for the club that they love.

I spoke to Nina around 15 years ago which was really the start when many foreign fans began attending the home games in numbers. She said to me that many foreigners won’t buy raffle tickets from her. I watched her selling tickets to an English couple and they seemed to be frightened of the forceful Spanish lady mumbling something that they had no idea about. The following week I wrote a simple A4 note which she pinned to her chest explaining what she was doing. She ran up to me after the following match and said that she couldn’t believe how generous everyone had been.

Nina and her lovely family have been warriors for our club over many years. Fans, players and management past and present will all have a smile mixed with sadness remembering this wonderful lady.

I am sure that on behalf of U.D. Lanzarote President Juan Carlos Albuixech, management, players and especially the fans we wish to send our condolences to Nina´s daughter Pilar and all of Nina´s family and friends during this painful moment.

The club will hold a minutes silence prior to this Sunday’s home match.