Despite being given the go ahead by the Canarian health authorities, the Cabildo (local government) of Lanzarote will not give authorisation for its fans to attend this week’s home match versus CF Unión Viera this Sunday 25th October at 12 noon.

The Rojillo fans will understandably be bitterly disappointed as well as bemused by the decision from the President of the Cabildo Maria Dolores Corujo.

Lanzarote´s outdoor stadium can hold up to 6000 people which is a higher capacity than any other stadium in our league thus making it easier to self distance. Teams played last Sunday on the other islands with fans and there were no problems with the general public who complied with all the measures set out from the health authorities.

This decision not only affects the fans but will seriously affect the clubs financial status with loss of sales of season tickets, Gold Cards and gate entrance. One would expect that the Cabildo to immediately compensate the club with its loss of earnings after such a rash decision. In turn the club is looking into how it can compensate those fans that have already purchased a Gold Card.

On a personal note I am just in bewilderment. The islands priority of course is to reduce the amount of Covid cases in order for tourism to return. This is the goal for everyone on this island however if we cannot distance a few hundred people in an outdoor stadium that holds up to 6000 people well then there is little hope for any of us or at least this must be thoughts of our Cabildo.

This week I had a look around the new gym in Arrecife which is next door to the stadium. There were hundreds of people enjoying their superb indoor facilities so how can this not be arranged in a larger space and outdoors?

The Cabildo have authority over public places however if they were to close down a private business such as this gym then they will have to pay the owners which makes this decision solely financial.

The management of the club has done all in its powers trying to persuade the Cabildo for fans to attend however that decision remains theirs and theirs only.

I am sure that the game will be streamed and as soon as I have confirmation of this I will advise.

The club wishes to thank all of its fans who have been so patient and eagerly wanting to buy Season tickets and club membership. The club can only apologise for this situation but will also assure you that they will be pursuing this matter in order for our next home game to be open to the public.