After three seasons of wearing the same shirt all of UD Lanzarote´s teams we will be wearing a unique new shirt for season 2020/21 honouring the clubs 50th Anniversary.


Many thanks to three of Lanzarote´s captains from last season Rosmen, Ayoze Pérez and Miguel Gómez who agreed in short notice to model our new shirts as well as my daughter Jessica for being the photographer.

Club captain Rosmen wearing the home strip. Sizes are generous. Rosmen is wearing a size M shirt and L shorts.


The three new shirts are available in our home colours of red and blue, away white and blue and our third strip, pink and white and are available in our online shop https://mercancialanzarote.com/shop as well as our shop in Costa Teguise, open from 10am to 1pm Mon to Fri (address and directions are also on that link).

Miguel is wearing our away kit. Our sizes are generous. He is shown here wearing adult size S shirt and M shorts.


Since introducing our last shirt in 2017 I have been working on this new design. During the 1978 World Cup was the first time I ever saw the shirt worn by Peru with the band across the chest. As a 10 year old that shirt was embedded into my brain.

Ayoze is wearing our third kit. Our sizes are generous, he is wearing a size S shirt and M shorts.


Obviously I may like the design but more importantly is that customers like it as well as the club. During my time working at Teguise and Puerto Del Carmen markets I asked hundreds of customers their opinion and overall the view was positive as it has been from UD Lanzarote‘s directors.


Each year most clubs introduce a new shirt and it does seem that brands just seem to slip a club badge onto it and it feels as though not much thought has gone into producing the shirt. Our new shirt in all three colours maintains on its back the popular outline of Lanzarote´s most famous volcano La Caldera de los Cuervos (Ravens Crater) and also embroided at the top remains “Isla de los Volcanes” (Island of the Volcanoes). Both of these designs proved hugely popular not only with tourists but also with the locals. We are keeping them!

Embroided at the top of the shirt remains “Isla de los Volcanes” and at the bottom is the islands most famous volcan Caldera de los Cuervos.

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary these current shirts all have “50 Aniversario” beautifully embroided under the club badge however even though we have a good stock these are a limited edition and as soon as we have sold out of a size they will not be available with that, thereafter.

On all 3 shirts there is the limited edition 50 Aniversario and all print is of the best quality.


On the front of the shirt we have our club main sponsors OPEL/ORVECAME with Lanzarote (Manrique style) below. On the arms is the Islas Canarias logo and this new shirt has all its printing sublimation which means it can never come off.


We have also introduced two new sizes Child XXS (6 months-1.5 years) and also an Adult XXXL which is an enormous shirt. Please be careful if ordering online as our adult sizes are very generous. If you normally wear an adult XL you will probably be an L in our sizing and so on. Our sizing has not changed for six years. If you are not certain there is a measurement chart in our online shop.


I feel extremely proud working alongside UD Lanzarote and producing their kits and merchandise for the past 14 years. This is our fifth shirt during that period meaning that we have always kept the same design for at least two seasons but sometimes three. We all believe that this is the best of our five shirts in quality and in design.


The shirts have been produced with the help of three people, myself, my wife Anna and UK resident and Lanzarote holidaymaker Nico Dal Pozzo. This is the second shirt that Nico has helped me with. I bet Nico regrets that day we met in Teguise market six years ago as I gave him and his dad a lift to a match. On the way down I mentioned about a new shirt design and was looking for graphic assistance. He shouldn’t have said “I can give that a go”. I am so grateful for his help as I am sure that its more work than he bargained for.


Even though the costs have increased the price of the new shirts remain the same as they have done for the past 14 years. Adult shirts are 35 Euros and children’s are 25 Euros. If you are a Socio (member) of the club you will be entitled to a 10% discount on all products. Season ticket holders (Abonos) are eligible for a 15% discount and if you have both then there is a 20% discount on all merchandise. There are 13 sizes in each colour available, starting at 6 months of age.

Rosmen is wearing our new blue polo adult size M


As well as the new shirts we also have two new polos and a training kit which can be seen on the online shop.

Ayoze Pérez is wearing our red and blue new polo.


At this moment the only places that these shirts are on the online shop and (payment for products can be done by credit card or PayPal) https://mercancialanzarote.com/shop and also the shop in Costa Teguise (address and directions also on link).


If you want to be a little different to the millions wearing a Messi or Ronaldo shirt then this is the shirt for you as we feel it is special. There certainly won’t be many people on your home soil that own a UD Lanzarote shirt.