The General Assembly was held at the club on Tuesday 6th February with 22 members (Socios) present where the economic situation of the club and forthcoming elections were discussed.

UD Lanzarote President Juan Carlos Albuixech´s four year term has come to an end so the electoral process now begins and will end on March 12th as long as there is more than just one candidate for the presidency.

The meeting began with the president informing the members that a financial and personal agreement had been reached regarding the termination of Leonel “Pipa” Gancedo´s contract that cost 28,000 Euros. He also confirmed that striker Gonzalo Di Renzo will continue in the squad for the remainder of the season.


The process for the presidential elections was agreed to commence now and will conclude on March 12th which is the date set for members who will be asked to vote if there is more than one candidate.

Until Friday 9th February the list of the members (socios) who have the right to vote will be displayed. Currently there are 206 members that have paid their subscriptions. Anyone that does not agree with the list has until February 12th to submit their claims. Candidates have until March the 7th to present candidates for the presidency however if there is just one candidate then this person will be proclaimed as elected on March 8th. Should anyone challenge Juan Carlos Albuixech then elections would take place for members on Tuesday March 12th from 6-8pm.

Accounts for 2022/23 season:

A deficit of 37,000 Euros was explained which was mainly due to the bonuses for the first team. 353,000 Euros expenses occurred during the season which was 14,000 Euros less than had been budgeted. 315,000 Euros income had been generated which was around 61,000 Euros less that had been budgeted for which amounted to an economic deficit.

Budget for 2023/24 season:

The members approved the financial budget for this season. The club has planned for an income of 385,000 Euros and expenses of 356,000 Euros, this would show a surplus that would alleviate the 28,000 Euro debt from the dismissal of Leonel “`Pipa” Gancedo and his coaching staff.

The president of UD Lanzarote Juan Carlos Albuixech then stated the club debt was now around 140,000 Euros which is a figure that is much lower than from when he and his directors took hold of the reigns of the club.