On Sunday morning whilst setting up the merchandise stall at Teguise market I received a phone call from a lady regarding how to get to the match that day at noon.

I explained how simple it was to get to the stadium and by chance met the lady, her mother and two grandchildren outside the ground an hour before kickoff. She bought the children UD Lanzarote shirts and I said that if they would like to go on as mascots they would be welcome. The kids were delighted.

Kim and Brenda Kane either side of me with Jerry and Ellis.

After the match I saw the ladies and asked if they had had a good day and also where were the children? She said that the kids were still on the pitch with her phone taking photographs with the players.

I asked the boys which was their favourite team in the UK however they were shy though their grandmother said it was Bayern Munich. I thought that’s a little strange so I asked why, she replied that her son played for Bayern Munich,  I then looked at her face and eyes and instantly saw Harry Kane, quite amazing how features are just so recognizable.

The England captain Harry Kane.

The England’s captain´s mum Kim along with her mother Brenda often holiday on the island and like many of us love the place and just keep coming back. Her grandchildren Jerry and Ellis are from her other son Charlie´s side of the family and Kim said that their family all live and breathe football and the kids had a fantastic time being mascots and celebrating the 2-1 win.

I managed to get a kiss from the England captain´s mum Kim. What a wonderful family.

Kim said that she doesn’t often mention who her son is but Brenda sometimes can’t help it as she is so proud. I told them both that Harry is arguably the best player England has ever had, he defends better than any other striker, he motivates, he creates and his eye for goal is the best England has even seen but above all that the man is a gentleman. If he were to lift the European Championship trophy for England in July he would also become become immortal.

There may be rumours going around that Harry is looking for a transfer to UD Lanzarote in the summer but I assure you that it is just speculation. If only!!!